I am me - PatZi (with a Z!)

I have read over ten thousand books....and adding more every day.

About Me


My background

I am a Yooper - born on the shores of Lake Superior in Michigan's glorious Upper Peninsula.

I spent my early years running wild, dreaming big and always having a book in my hands.

I have read over 10,000 books -- and since I started my radio program, Joy on Paper, add more every day.


My writing roots

For many years I wrote scripts -- both on spec and for hire.

Now I am busy writing three different books -- a non-fiction story about my radio program, a history set in India during the British Raj and a kid's book that is close to my heart.


My radio program

Joy on Paper is a syndicated radio program for writers and those who dream of writing. 

Go to www.radio-joyonpaper.com to see a list of my famous guests -- including nine Mystery Writer of America Grand Masters, over a hundred NYT best selling authors and many television personalities. 

Remember, one of the joys of life is to see your words on paper or to hear them in an Audible book or -- if you are very lucky -- to hear them spoken on the big screen. So get inspired by listening to the interviews on the  Archive Page of Joy on Paper's website. Enjoy!

Contact Me

Would love to hear about your writing experience...

PatZi (with a Z!)